Cat Eye Glasses for 2019: Why It’s Time to Give Them a Try!

While cat eye glasses are a hot trend today, celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn first brought this style of eyeglasses to their initial popularity in the 1950s. These glasses are one of the more distinct styles when it comes to eyewear.

The design is well-known for featuring rounded frames that flare out near the temples — offering a retro appeal for many women today. Many top cat eyeglasses from Ray-Ban and other top designers offer modern features to keep the timeless look up to date with modern fashion trends.

Why Are Cat Eye Glasses in Style?

Cat eye glasses in 2019 are a sophisticated and fashionable design in women’s eyewear fashion. Cat eyeglasses have a timeless retro style, and today’s versions include interesting modern twists. While black is a mainstay, many now feature decorative styling around the brows of the frames. Whether you are going for a timeless look, or something new and fresh, this style is a great choice.

Cat eye glasses impart a sophisticated and elegant style for their wearers. Among the most appealing feature on cat eye frames are the brows. Many women enjoy the various decorative styles at the frames brows. Wearers can usually find a wide array of ornamental effects on the top edges of cat-eye rims that can match their style.

Are Cat Eye Glasses Good for Round or Oval Faces?

Yes. There are many at cat eye glasses types and frames can enhance the facial features of many women, including those with rounder shape faces. A round or oval face will have a rounded chin or a rounded forehead. The forehead of round faces can sometimes be wider than the jawline. So, the right frames should be wide and angular. This often compliments round or oval shaped faces.

Can You Wear Cat Eye Glasses?

Most likely, there will be cat eye glasses designs that can look great with your features and personal style. These frames tend to have a playful, vintage appeal. This style can be “fun” enough for those out socializing, but sophisticated to make an impression at work. The best way to find a pair that compliments your facial type is to get professional advice at our eye clinic.

Where Can You Buy Cat Eye Glasses?

Cat eye glasses can be found at both Eye Design Optometry locations. If you are looking to find the perfect pair of cat eye eyeglasses, our eyewear staff will be glad to help browse our vast selection. Contact us today!

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