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Trusted Optometrists Serving Cobble Hill, BC

Providing comprehensive eye care services in the Cobble Hill area since 1991

Trusted Optometrists Serving Cobble Hill, BC

Our eyes under constant strain from computers at the workplace, UV rays, and other environmental concerns. Visiting an optometrist for routine eye exams is important to ensure healthy eyesight. Your eye care professional will check your eye health and diagnose early signs of eye disease. Regular visits to your optometrist will also ensure you have eyewear that is not only fashionable but also allows you to see clearly. If you are concerned about your eye health or seeking new eyewear, our optometrists serving the Cobble Hill area are here to help.

Why choose Eye Design Optometry?

Eye Design Optometry has been serving the Cobble Hill, BC area for over 25 years. Our eye clinic has remained committed to our local community and each of our patients’ specific visual needs. We have the latest in eye health technology, eyewear products, and services. Our eye doctors ensure that our patient’s eyes remain healthy. Our eye clinic offers a lifetime of personal, quality care that based on our deep value of our patients’ trust. We maintain the utmost of integrity and professionalism in our community-oriented environment.Eyeglasses for Cobble Hill, BC

Eyeglasses for Cobble Hill, BC

Our eye clinic offers a wide selection of eyeglasses. Our eyewear collection is always updated and includes some of today’s top designer eyeglasses frames. Our eyewear stylists are always on hand to help answer any questions you may have. They have specific knowledge about eyewear prescriptions and the latest styles.

Contact Lenses for Cobble Hill, BC

Whether you need contact lenses for sports activities or are tired of wearing glasses, our office serving Cobble Hill is here to serve you. We make sure our patients’ have the latest and most advanced contact lenses solutions available. Our staff will help you schedule your exam for your contact lens prescription. And they can aid new wearers to test different lenses and overcome any visual adjustments that come with wearing contacts.

Eye Exams for Cobble Hill, BC

Our highly trained optometrists offer complete eye exams for the Cobble Hill, BC. We use the latest technologies for diagnosing many eye conditions when assessing your eye health. Our staff offers convenient scheduling and fast but thorough eye exams for your family. Whether you are in need of an effective treatment for an eye condition or are looking to update your eyeglasses prescription, we are here to help.