Colour Blindness: Tests, Symptoms & Treatments

Colour blindness is a typically characterized by a genetic condition that affects your ability to see specific colours. The symptoms of this condition are often identified by a child’s eye doctor during a colour blind test or by a parent teaching their child colours.

Symptoms can be slight or severe but generally, involve trouble seeing colours and the brightness of colours. In some cases, colour blindness may be detectable. More severe cases like achromatopsia can disrupt a person’s ability to see any colour, rendering all objects in various shades of gray.

Those struggling with this eye condition experience some degree of difficulty distinguishing between the same colour and shades of the same or similar colours. People who are colourblind often have trouble differentiating between red and green and between blue and yellow.

How Do Colour Blindness Tests Work?

Ccolourblind tests determine colour vision deficiencies. Ishihara colour blindness test plates contain dotted patterns of colour blind test numbers that remain hidden to a test taker who are colour blind.

Are Colourblind Tests Accurate?

Online colourblind tests can sometimes be inaccurate, but your eye care professional can perform tests that are very accurate. Your eye doctor may use arrangement test with coloured discs, which have to be arranged in the correct order. They may also use a more detailed analysis of colour blindness using quantitative colourblind tests such as the Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Test. This test precisely measures a person’s ability to perceive colours.

Can You Cheat on a Colour Blind Test?

Specific careers, such as public service careers, may require colour blindness tests for advancement. Professional tests at an eye clinic are almost impossible to cheat on. Usually, optometrists can use precise tools, such as an anomaloscope, to check for red-green colour blindness. Professional eye clinics use sophisticated arrangement tests and quantitative colourblind testing methods that cannot be cheated.

Can Colour Blindness Be Corrected?

No treatment for genetic colour blindness currently exists. Special contact lenses and contact filters may help some patients. They work by enhancing the brightness between specific colours that those who are colour blind struggle with. But your eye doctor will conduct a comprehensive colour blind test in the clinic to determine if these options would work for you. To learn more or to schedule a colourblind test examination, contact us today.

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