Digital Eye Exams: Discover the Benefits!

Digital Eye Exams: Discover the Benefits! 2017-06-29T12:15:57+00:00

Digital Eye Exams: Discover the Benefits!

Our doctors and staff are pleased to provide patients with the latest in technology  available in eye care today. Our Duncan office was one of the first practices in the province to convert to electronic medical records, over 20 years ago ! That trend has continued so that today, advanced medical imaging forms an integral part of a patient’s eye exam, allowing for earlier diagnosis of eye diseases such as glaucoma and  macular degeneration. And in the optical dispensary, our opticians have the latest in vision technology to deliver precise, individualized spectacles to optimize every patient’s visual world. It’s a part of our commitment to always be..

                        Designing Tomorrow’s “Healthy and Precise” Vision Today

Fundus Image Eye Exam

Digital Retinal Imaging

The eyes are the window to your health.  Digital retinal imaging technology allows the doctors to view your retina utilizing imaging techniques to more readily identify and diagnose eye disease. It forms a part of your personal medical records for valuable comparison in the years ahead.


Digital Eye Scan Duncan OCT SCANS

OCT scans are non-invasive, painless and are similar to ultrasounds in providing an image except that they use light instead of sound waves. This allow us to see a cross-section of the retina in 3D  so that we can actually view all 10 layers of the retina and the underlying structures. This unique view allows for much earlier detection of retinal diseases particularly macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.

Digital Eye Exams in Duncan, BC


 Nerve Fiber Layer Analysis

OCT scans also provide far more detail and analysis of the depth of the nerve fibers around the optic nerve itself. This allows us to see changes that can occur far earlier than by normal microscope views of the optic nerve itself. This is invaluable for early detection of glaucoma as well as for effective monitoring and management of treatment for the disease itself.



The optomap produces an image that provides an ultra-wide, 200 degree high resolution image compared to conventional views of only 45 degrees . Many peripheral conditions that can have no symptoms such as retinal holes and tears can be more readily detected ( often without drops!) using this latest advanced imaging instrument. It’s fast, easy and comfortable. It has also proven beneficial for children/youth examinations where the time required to examine the eyes properly with a conventional “bright light” microscope can be a challenge

Humphrey_Visual_Field-450px[1]Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer

Visual field analysis is an important tool to test individual sensitivity to points of light in a person’s field of vision or ‘side vision’. The test takes approximately 15-35 minutes and does not require drops. The results are then analyzed using sophisticated computer algorithms that create patterns of normal or abnormal fields of vision. Visual field results aid in the diagnosis of  various neurological diseases, such as strokes, brain lesions as well as a valuable tool  in the detection and management of glaucoma.

visio office

VISIOFFICE 2 Digital Dispensing

This leading digital dispensing technology helps our opticians maximize today’s modern lens designs by taking measurements that go well beyond traditional PD ( pupillary distance) and fitting heights. It can measure down to 1/10 mm and takes several personal, frame and dynamic visual behaviour measurements , up to 12 in all ! This creates a final optical frame and lens design that is both personalized and optimized to every patient’s individual lifestyle needs. Visit our Products page to find out why this latest technology is just one of the reasons to choose Eye Design Optometry for all your eye wear needs 


Optikam Digital Comparison

Your Virtual Reality Experience!

Our new Optikam Pad offers an augmented reality mode that allows patients to see and experience the benefits of the different lens designs and options virtually so they make more informed opinions on what will best suit their individual lifestyle needs! See for yourself how the world will look through:

  • different lens types—personalized digital progressives vs regular progressive designs, computer lenses, bifocals, digital single vision
  • Anti-reflective coatings
  • UV options like transitions and polarization
  • Tint options
  • The thickness of your lenses

This revolutionary tool is helping our patients make the decision process much easier and is proving to be lots of fun too!

Visit either location soon to experience this newest addition to our ‘tech’ and where we truly are,

“Designing Tomorrow’s Vision Today”