What Are the Best Glasses for Your Face Shape?

It is a common question we get from our customers and rightfully so. Knowing what face shape suits a pair of glasses can dramatically change your appearance and enhance your style.

So how can you choose frames that fit your face? There is no hard rule when it comes to determining what shape glasses to wear. But there are some helpful general guidelines. We’ve come up with a quick guide to deciding the right pair for your face shape.

Round Faces

Those with round face may think there aren’t many advantages to having fuller cheeks. But there are ways to look great without defined facial angles. What frame shape suits round faces? Angular frames are a fantastic option—balancing round shape faces by lengthening the appearance of the face and adding definition.

Oval Faces

Oval shaped faces are not quite round but not quite square. Many frame shapes compliment the typical features of an oval face, which is usually slightly longer than wide. A handy general tip is to avoid extreme frame shapes that are too wide or narrow. Frames with a subtle width will work great to add contrast to the natural facial curves.


Square faces have distinct angles—typically in the form of a well-defined jawline. For a nice balance, square face eyeglass wearers can opt for oval and round eyeglasses frames to impart some softness to their features. Narrow frame styles with more width than depth also work quite well.

Heart Shaped

Heart-shaped faces typical have three facial features that define their look: broad forehead, narrow jawline and a thinner chin. Square shaped frames work great for heart-shaped faces, balancing their facial appearance by adding width to their cheek area.

If you are still stuck on how to determine your face shape and glasses, our professional opticians will help match you to that perfect pair. Our clinic’s eye care professionals will be able to keep you informed of the top eyeglasses trends, frame colors to match your facial feature and, of course, what glasses suits your face shape.

To learn more about the latest styles of eyeglasses frames and how to find the perfect pair of frames, get in touch and contact us today!

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