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Prescription Sunglasses — Thousands of Styles, Great Prices

Discover our wide selection of sunglasses in Duncan and Mill Bay, BC

Prescription Sunglasses in Duncan and Mill Bay, BC

Today’s active lifestyle demands that people who wear prescription eyeglasses also have the latest options available in prescription sunglasses. There are so many considerations from choosing the right frame style, lens type and tints for best performance and vision for sunglasses. Knowing what options are best for your own lifestyle needs can be challenging. At Eye Design Optometry, we are here to help!

Do prescription sunglasses have UV protection?

When purchasing sunglasses, the most important consideration is to ensure that it is providing 100% UV protection. UV protection removes 100% of damaging UVA and UVB rays. UV rays can cause cataracts, macular degeneration, and other eye surface damage. If you are not sure if your current pair of prescription sunglasses are UV protected, feel free to drop by our office anytime and we can provide a complimentary UV scan to ensure you have the proper protection.

Can prescription sunglasses be polarized?

Yes! Glare is virtually everywhere and reducing the glare for your favourite outdoor activities can enhance the clarity of your vision and fun! Polarized prescription sunglasses reduce reflections from surfaces like water, sand, snow, and asphalt. The polarization is like a filter and removes unwanted glare, results in better contrast and reduced reflection for activities like skiing, biking, boating etc. There are many other options when choosing polarized prescription sunglasses including anti-reflective coatings, color choices, and mirrored lenses.

Why choose Eye Design Optometry for your sunglasses?

For years, Eye Design Optometry has provided high-quality sunglasses
in Duncan and Mill Bay, BC. Our eye clinics are always refreshing our selection of
sunglass frames for men, women, and children and carry many name brands including Maui Jim, Ray Ban, and Nikes. Our frame consultants can help you find the perfect pair of prescription sunglasses and ensure they fit you and your prescription perfectly! A range of internal tints is also available to help, anywhere from amber to vermillion. Each color choice for prescription sunglasses has its own unique purpose and can vary based on your activities as well as personal preference.

How do I get prescription sunglasses?

It is as convenient to get fitted for sunglasses as it would be to get a new pair of regular prescription glasses. Speak with one of our optometrists about sunglasses during your next eye exam.

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