Ray-Ban® Eyeglasses for Men & Women

Discover the Latest Collection of Ray-Ban Glasses

Ray-Ban has featured some of the most popular and recognizable eyewear over the last 80 years. As an industry leader Ray-Bans styles transverse many cultural lines.

Most people know the Ray-Ban name. This popularity is a testament to the craftsmanship and technology used to produce Ray-Ban glasses. Ray-Ban wearers not only look fashionable but also benefit from highly-functional glasses that are durable and provide clear vision.

Does Ray Ban Make Prescription Glasses?

Absolutely. Most people know Ray-Ban for their sunglasses, but the brand also produces prescription glasses. Their prescription eyewear comes in a dynamic range of styles and designs. Ray-Ban glasses and frames are available for women, men, and kids.

What Ray-Ban Eyeglasses Are in Style?

Ray-Ban has produced so many timeless designs that many of them never go out of style. Ray-Ban has made frame designs famous and continues to update their classic frames with stylish tweaks. Ray-Ban frames are available in many iconic styles that bring out the best in all face shapes for men and women.

Ray-Ban also offers excellent options within the current trend of eyewear toward lighter frames. Many of Ray-Ban’s thin metal round-frame glasses are a favorite with our customers now for that reason.

Do Ray Ban Glasses Come with a Warranty?

Ray-Ban warranties that their products are free from manufacturing defects for 24 months from the date of sale. This warranty does not cover: scratches on sun lenses; damages caused by accident, abuse, neglect, shock, improper use or storage of the product; unauthorized modifications or repairs; normal wear and tear as well as any issues connected to the prescription lenses.

Where Can I Buy the Latest Styles of Ray-Ban Eyeglasses?

Eye Design Optometry offers the latest collection of Ray-Ban for men, women, and kids. Our staff is exceptionally knowledgeable in popular eyewear trends of which Ray-Ban is often at the forefront. If you are looking for the season’s most stylish pair of Ray-Ban eyewear for the office or new frames for the summer, we can assist.

To schedule an exam for your next pair of Ray-Ban glasses, contact us today.

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