Round Glasses: Why You Should Consider Round Glasses Today!

Most of us know that round glasses had immense popularity in the 60’s, but are round glasses in today?

Absolutely! Round glasses offer an incredible retro appeal and have returned to popularity in recent years. Many round glasses by Ray-Ban and other top designers have put new twists on the classic looks, made famous by the likes of John Lennon and Steve Jobs.

Many of today’s round eyeglasses frames also come in a variety of modern looks. There is a wide variety of round glasses frames and round rimless glasses that look fantastic on different faces. No matter what your look is, there are round glasses available for men and women who want a stylish, subtle change to their facial appearance.

Can You Wear Round Glasses with Your Face Shape?

Round glasses look great on most people. Despite popular misconceptions, you can find round glasses that look great on round, oval and angular facial shapes.
Along with traditional round frames, today’s designs include bolder frames and more adventurous colors. Imparting a modern yet timeless look for a variety of facial shapes, round glasses can be fashionable for men, women and kids alike.

Should You Buy Thick or Light Round Glasses?

The thickness of your round glasses is necessary to consider. Thick round frames are a big statement, while light frames provide a minimalist appeal. Heavy frames look best when everything else around the face is toned down in style. Lighter round frames leave more room for expression of hairstyles and other facial features.

What Color Round Glasses Should You Buy?

There are many different colors and patterns of round frames to choose from. Consider your complexion and hair when deciding upon round frame styles. Those with fair skin and light hair may not want to overpower their features, so pairing with light colored round glasses typically works well. Darker skin and thick-haired women can look great pairing with a bolder pair of round glasses.

How to Find the Right Round Glasses For Round, Square and Oval Faces?

Styling round glasses with a round face may not be as easy as pairing round glasses on square faces, but you can certainly pull it off with great results. A popular option for round-faced eyeglass wearers is slim frames with angular edges. This gives curved jaw and rounded cheeks more definition and shape to your natural features.

Of course, our specialists can help match you to the perfect pair of round glasses at our clinic. For more help on the most popular round eyeglasses trends, or to book an eye exam to get your eyeglass prescription, call us today!

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